Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Legacy of Caring – Investing in our Community:

Our legacy of caring and returning to the society has led to IRUS being set up in an industrially under-developed district, adjacent to the city of Kanpur, India.

Women Empowerment and Upliftment

Three months prior to commissioning of IRUS, we established a training centre to train the youth in the local area, with a special focus on training young women and providing them with beneficial employment opportunity.

Eighty percent of the trainees have been successfully absorbed into the business in a variety of roles and positions, contributing not only employment of the local rural population, but also upliftment of the society and Women Empowerment.

Proud of Being GREEN

IRUS is a Green facility with minimalistic carbon footprint

Water – A Depleting Resource:

At IRUS, we ensure the best possible utilization of water with zero wastage. We have set up a sewage treatment plant at our facility, to achieve 100% recycling of all liquid discharge. Along with this, an elaborate water harvesting system has been incorporated to recycle and reuse water, a depleting resource, as well as to recharge the aquifer.

We Use Renewable Energy:

We are proud generators of solar energy, which powers and fulfils 60% of our requirement. Any excess generated is fed back into the grid.