Manufacturing Facility


A highly automated facility set up in the year 2020.

  • Product Development
    Our experienced and skilled pattern cutters are assisted by a modern CAD (2D & 3 D) system that offers relevant designs and realistic images to the customer to help them finalize the specifications and materials of the product. No more waiting for physical samples to make these decisions. The department operates under the supervision and directions of our English and Spanish designers
    A die-less cutter, which is linked to our software, helps in a quick TAT for samples. Our CAD system is also compatible with 3D printing, which we intend to have in place soon.
  • Clicking Section
    Along with the traditional hydraulic clicking machines, a state of the art, die-less clicking machine has also been installed, which has led to a faster turnaround of samples and viability of executing small orders.
  • Stitching Tracks
    Our stitching room is equipped with modern sewing machines with auto lock and cut features as well as computerised stitching machines to enhance productivity as well as the quality of the product.
  • Lasting Tracks
    We have three lasting tracks, two of which are used for cemented construction and the third for ideal / out-stitched construction, all equipped with modern machines resulting in a consistent and a good quality product.


Modern production systems being implemented with help of technology.
Special focus on Industrial Engineering for better productivity and control.

Proud of Being GREEN

IRUS is a Green facility with minimalistic carbon footprint.

We Take Care of Our Environment:

Water – A Depleting Resource:

At IRUS, we ensure the best possible utilization of water with zero wastage. We have set up a sewage treatment plant at our facility, to achieve 100% recycling of all liquid discharge. Along with this, an elaborate water harvesting system has been incorporated to recycle and reuse water, a depleting resource, as well as to recharge the aquifer.

We Use Renewable Energy:

We are proud generators of solar energy, which powers and fulfils 60% of our requirement. Any excess generated is fed back into the grid.